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Newly paired partners Hoggard Films and B. Wooding Media dig deep for the truth in Dirt Detectives, a 6 x 1-hour series for Nat Geo Channels International.
March 14, 2001

Solving any real mystery requires burrowing beneath the surface. In Dirt Detectives – a 6 x 1 hour series from Alexandria, U.S.-based Hoggard Films and B. Wooding Media in Los Angeles – investigators take that advice to heart.

Producer Steve Hoggard says the program is about much more than archaeology. Each episode of Dirt Detectives features scientific sleuths seeking the answer to a given mystery at a different locale. One of the hours follows forensic teams in Bosnia who are working to reconstruct a massacre and bring war criminals to justice. Another focuses on anthropologists in New Guinea attempting to explain the puzzling disappearance of an heir to the Rockefeller fortune.

National Geographic Channels International has already signed on to the project, which is slated to begin airing in the second quarter of 2002. Bryan Smith, senior VP of production for NGCI, previously said about Dirt Detectives, ‘It is a good combination of our programming genres, including exploration, adventure, science and anthropology, to name a few.’ The budget is in the US$1 million ballpark.

This is the first series undertaken by both Hoggard Films and B. Wooding Media since announcing their partnership three months ago. (For more on Brenda Wooding, see RealScreen‘s April issue.)

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