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Sometimes the truth of a word is hidden in its letters. This month's Odds & Sods presents RealScreen's guide to non-fiction anagrams.
September 1, 2001

Sometimes the truth of a word is hidden in its letters. This month’s Odds & Sods presents RealScreen‘s guide to non-fiction anagrams.

Documentary – Eat corny mud

Cablecaster – Secret cabal

Producer – Crude pro

Digibeta – A big edit

Feature Film – Fearful item

Reality – A lie try

Television – It’s evil one

Broadcaster – Stab rare doc (or Core bastard)

Academy award – Am Caddy aware

Pubcaster – Curb a pest

Commission – Mini cosmos

Acquisition – As coin, I quit

Coproduction – Pour doc tonic (or I run to doc cop)

Large Format – Altar for gem

Prime Time – I’m mere pit

Journalists – O, I just snarl

RealScreen – Clear sneer

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