Producer Profile: GRB Entertainment (US)

GRB Entertainment
April 1, 2007

GRB Entertainment

Sherman Oaks

GRB Entertainment quietly goes about piling up hit after hit, consistently delivering solid ratings to us cable and network. Consider Growing Up Gotti for A&E, Untold Stories of the ER and Tuckerville for TLC, Next Action Star for NBC, and their latest hit, Intervention, now at almost 40 episodes on A&E. One reader describes it as ‘A raw, often unpolished, show that hits the mark incredibly well by dealing with a serious issue [addiction] and putting a human face on it. Powerful stuff.’

But, even more than what’s on the screen, GRB should be praised for finding what every prodco aspires to – client diversity. Beyond the shows listed above, last year the company also produced Designer to the Stars: Kari Whitman for WE, Full Force Nature for The Weather Channel and True Caribbean Pirates for The History Channel, to name only a few. Not only is the programming smart, but so too are the execs.

Recent titles: Intervention, Flight Attendant School, True Caribbean Pirates

Employees: 100

Hours this year: 100-plus

Upcoming includes: Live Nation, Flesh and Blood, Diagnosis

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