Maverick: Ben Frow, ex-Five/Independent (UK)

Ben Frow, ex-Five/Independent (uk)
July 1, 2007

Five’s managing director of content, Lisa Opie, hasn’t been in the job long enough to have made much of a mark on the commercial network’s underperforming schedule. Indeed, she’s lost a number of her team in recent months and is yet to appoint a new director of programs. But, of those who have gone, one of the more maverick was Ben Frow, who launched some of the channel’s most popular returning series, such as The Hotel Inspectors, Diet Doctors, and Build A New Life In The Country. Frow, who came to prominence at C4, was also the man who brought us the sight of celebrity wanna-be Rebecca Loos masturbating a pig in Five’s The Farm. Frow has been linked with a possible role at cabsat channel Living – and there’s no question his approach would fit its style of programming perfectly. Opie certainly expects something to crop up soon for Frow: ‘As you’d expect with an executive as talented as Ben, his services are much in demand. I’m sure we’ll be hearing about him very soon.’

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