Blue – A Global Oceans Film & Conservation Event

BLUE - A global Oceans Film & Conservation Event
September 1, 2008

BLUE – A global Oceans Film & Conservation Event

June 8 to 12, 2009 in Savannah, Georgia

Submission deadlines: March 2009

Festival programmers: Debbie Kinder, CEO of Make A Difference Media (BLUE’s parent non-profit) and Mari Carswell, executive director, advisory board chairman for BLUE

New to the wildlife film fest scene, BLUE will be a global film and conservation event focused on the oceans. It will have both an industry and community film festival, followed by an international traveling festival, BLUE on Tour. Emphasis will be placed on the craft of underwater filmmaking and empowering synergy between marine scientists, conservationists and the production community.

What is your programming mandate?

Our programming for all three events will be determined through the first industry festival awards, which are dedicated exclusively to the oceans. We’re looking for documentaries and theatricals that ‘inspire people to protect our oceans and the life within.’ We are also interested in animals that rely on our oceans but live on land, like polar bears, penguins or the albatross, as well as in coastal marshes, estuaries and life at the edge of the sea. We are particularly interested in stories of over-fishing, endangered species, habitat destruction, climate change and other issues facing our oceans.

What’s your advice to interested filmmakers?

Bottom line: if it seems to engage people in the oceans, and includes either a direct or indirect conservation message, enter it! We will have several Special Judges awards for stellar films that may not fit existing categories. Our call for entries, which will go out this fall, will offer further insight on what type of films to enter.

What do you hope your submissions will bring?

We hope to see a wide range of films in terms of budget and topic; blue-chips that make us fall in love with the sea and the animals that live there, small-budget films that tell great conservation stories; films that inspire and empower people to make changes; and new applications of underwater film technology.

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