Gearing up for PIC DOC

At MIPCOM, realscreen spoke to BTVP's Eliana Russi and Jacques Bensimon about the increased presence of Brazilian TV producers at international markets, and BTVP's own upcoming doc event, PIC DOC.
November 23, 2009

At MIPCOM, Realscreen spoke to BTVP’s Eliana Russi and Jacques Bensimon about the increased presence of Brazilian TV producers at international markets, and BTVP’s own upcoming doc event, PIC DOC (Nov. 30- Dec. 5). Click here to see the video interview.

A special international jury has selected 40 projects that will be evaluated by a panel of industry judges at the PIC DOC event in Rio de Janeiro. A representative for each of the 10 most outstanding projects, chosen by the international team at PIC DOC, will be invited to be part of the BTVP delegation heading to the Realscreen Summit, held February 1st to 3rd, 2010 in Washington.

The 40 projects selected by the international jury are:

· Amazon Diamonds – Mutante Films

· Aracati-Life Blew by the Winds – Segunda-Feira Filmes

· Ballot Box of Hope – Solar Filmes

· Black Box – Brasileira Filmes

· Brasil + America – Miração Filmes

· Brazilian Hooligans – Radar Cinema e Televisão

· Caring For Nature – Grifa Cinematográfica

· Delicious – Jah Comunicação

· Dreaming Around the World – Publytape

· Finding Orpheus – Estação Elétrica

· Galaxies – República Pureza Filmes

· Gondwana-Amazon Expeditions – Lauper Films

· Health Riders – Cobram

· Hiwar – Sambatango Filmes

· Lan Sweet Lan – Panorâmica Comunicação

· Land Professors – Made for TV

· Landell-Talking to the Stars – Lente Viva Filmes

· Literary Cities – Formosa Filmes

· Mama – Scriptorium

· May God Allow me to Get Back Alive – Filmes do Equador

· Mission Environment – Caribe Produções

· Mother Dodô From Juazeiro – Pindorama Filmes

· Olaria Cultural – Anegra Filmes

· On the Spray Road – Arissas Multimídia

· On Wheels Latin America – Ocean Films

· Positives – Modo Operante Produções Culturais

· Power to Heal – D&D International

· Sugar Men – Prodigo Films

· The Brazilian Utopia – Bossa Nova Films

· The Broken Moon – Enigma Rio Produções Cinematográficas

· The Early Producers – Artesanato Digital Produções

· The Journey – DGT Filmes

· Touro Moreno II – The Revenge

· U-Model – Videomakers

· Under 300 – Maria Bonita Filmes

· Upwelling – Terra Firme Produções

· Vigário Geral – Kinofilmes

· Wild Minds Warm Hearts – Mamo Filmes

· Wonderful Earth – Java 2G Produções Artísticas

· Zootropolis – Conspiração Filmes

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