Three Things you didn’t know about…

From a game of hide and seek gone awry to an overzealous comment made to Jay Z, Martin Oxley, EP for development at Raw Cut Television, reveals a few interesting tidbits about himself to realscreen.
December 16, 2010

A few facts about Martin Oxley, executive producer for development at Raw Cut Television: he joined Raw Cut in early 2010, has previously worked at Bullseye Productions and Spun Gold and has worked on programs such as Katie and Peter: The Next Chapter. Here are a few other things people in the industry might not know about Oxley.

I once informed Jay Z that he ‘was the music’ at a Berkeley Square party, after the Noel Gallagher/Glastonbury scandal – all credit to the guy for still acknowledging me.

In my early twenties I got utterly blasted on Teacher’s Whisky, and then [got] a little carried away playing hide and seek. When I woke up in the morning I found myself in a mushroom farm.

I’ve had a string of sports injuries including breaking my nose twice and being hit in the eye by a squash ball backhanded at me by my teacher.

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