Channel 4 lines up ad-funded “Hidden Talent”

UK network Channel 4 has partnered with American Express on a six-part series from Silver River that discovers people's hidden potential, set to air in the spring. (pictured: host Richard Bacon)
March 2, 2012

UK network Channel 4 has partnered with American Express on a six-part series from Silver River that discovers people’s hidden potential, set to air in the spring.

Hidden Talent, presented by Richard Bacon (pictured), takes eight participants during each hour-long episode on a journey to push their newly discovered talent to the limit, and go from a total novice to a top performer in record time.

Contestants are selected after undergoing testing overseen by scientists and academics who discovered they have special physical, mental, sensory or creative talents, which they were previously unaware of.

Talents range from latent linguistic skills that allow an individual to become fluent in a new language in a short time, to mammalian diving reflex allowing some people to hold their breath for more than four minutes.

When the co-funded series airs, viewers can participate online via interactive tests on, where they have the chance to uncover their own hidden talent.

Lisa Gervis, VP brand and customer management at American Express, said: “[Hidden Talent] provides us with a great opportunity to reflect the current American Express brand campaign, Realize the Potential, which has been designed to celebrate the belief that life is richer and more rewarding when untapped possibilities are explored.”

C4′s special factual commissioning editor, Jill Fullerton-Smith, added: “Applying expert knowledge to the concept of hidden talent, this thought-provoking and exciting multiplatform series will show just how remarkable we are as human beings – in an innovative way. It will reveal what we are really capable of, and for both the individuals in the series and audiences taking part, maybe even change lives.”

The series producer is Spencer Kelly.

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