Earth Touch offers “Speed Kills,” “Africa’s Deadliest”

South African wildlife producer-distributor Earth Touch has signed a representation deal for Aquavision TV Productions' Africa's Deadliest (pictured), which will be showcased at MIPTV, alongside three-part series Speed Kills.
March 14, 2012

South Africa-based wildlife producer-distributor Earth Touch has signed a representation deal for Aquavision TV Productions’ Africa’s Deadliest (pictured), which will be showcased at MIPTV, alongside three-part series Speed Kills.

Earth Touch will handle worldwide sales for the three-part Nat Geo Wild series, which explores animals’ survival weapons, from “dolphin armies of the ocean to the masters of ambush on the savannahs.”

Africa’s Deadliest joins an Earth Touch MIPTV slate that also includes three-part series Speed Kills and one-hour specials Death Beach, Venom Island, Coelacanth – The Great Survivor, Underwater Okavango, Croc Labyrinth and Raggies – A Mouthful of Teeth.

Speed Kills uses high-speed ‘Phantom’ cameras and CGI to capture the moment when an animal bursts into high speed, while the one-hour special Death Beach looks at the scene of five horrific shark attacks to examine the problem.

Venom Island explores the Lower Sunda Islands of Indonesia, home to the largest collection of venomous creatures on the planet; In Coelacanth – The Great Survivor aims to answer questions about the titular ancient fish; and Underwater Okavango puts the spotlight on the diversity of animal and plant life thriving in the waterways of northern Botswana.

Finally, Okavango in Croc Labyrinth, a special on crocodile behavior underwater; and Raggies – A Mouthful of Teeth, a one-off on sharks’ bi-annual migration along the South African coast, round up Earth Touch’s MIPTV offerings.

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