Renewals round-up: “Storage Hoarders,” “Finding Bigfoot”

Networks in the U.S. and UK invested in more storage-based series, with pick ups for Storage Wars and Storage Hoarders, while My First Home and Finding Bigfoot return on TLC and Animal Planet, respectively. (Pictured: Storage Hoarders host Aggie MacKenzie)
April 5, 2013

Networks in the U.S. and UK have invested in more storage-based series, with pick ups for Storage Wars and Storage Hoarders, while My First Home and Finding Bigfoot return on TLC and Animal Planet, respectively.

Twofour has been tapped to produce a second series of Storage Hoarders for ITV Daytime. The extended run of the series (30 x one hour), will see host Aggie MacKenzie (pictured) meeting people who have hoarded too many items, and will help them sort what to give away and what can be auctioned.

Contributors will meet with specialist collectors and will also be joined by a partner, friend or relative to help them break their hoarding habit.

Over in the U.S., A&E Network will premiere season four of Storage Wars on April 16, with back-to-back episodes. The Original Productions series, where teams of bidders compete for the best storage units, will be followed by another Original series, American Hoggers, returning for its third season.

The new season of Storage Wars will see a visit from comedian Jeff Dunham, while American Hoggers will see the Campbell family rescue Texas residents and ranches from invasive wild boars.

On TLC, My First Home returns for a fifth season on April 6. The daytime series sees realtors help buyers pick their first home.

The Authentic Entertainment series will see a lifelong bachelor battle with his mother over living in the city or the suburbs, as well as other first time buyers purchasing their dream home, or settling for less. Season five will be made up of 20 x 30-minute episodes.

On sister network Animal Planet, Finding Bigfoot will see a third season roll out in the fall.

The 12-episode season continues the search for the elusive Sasquatch, with the Bigfoot Field Research Organization returning for international searches and re-visiting previous locations to uncover evidence of Bigfoot.

Ping Pong Productions will produce.

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