Take part in Realscreen’s 2013 year-end survey

How was 2013 for you? What trends and programs in non-fiction and unscripted entertainment were worth noting? Which were worth forgetting? Let us know by taking part in our annual year-end reader's survey.
December 2, 2013

So… how was it for you?

Once again, realscreen is offering its readers the chance to sound off about the year that was, by taking part in our annual year-end reader’s survey. Take a look at the questions below and let us know what you think was worth noting in 2013, and what you’d rather forget.

Send your replies to We’ll select some to appear in print in our upcoming January/February issue, and we’ll run others online at in the days ahead.

And now, the inquisition…

My favorite factual program/series (or feature documentary) of 2013 was:

I never thought they’d make a program about:

The program/series/doc people will be talking about in five years is:

In 18 months, no one will be talking about:

The best factual content I’ve seen online this year was:

The most positive development in the non-fiction content industry this past year:

The most troubling development in the non-fiction content industry this past year:

The idea I really wish I thought of was:

The idea I’m happiest to have had this year was:

If 2013 taught me one thing it was:

The buzzword I don’t want to hear in 2014 is:

My New Year’s resolution for 2014 is:


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