PBS, ABC Oz, France Television join “Time Scanners”

Atlantic Productions has added PBS and France Télévision as coproduction partners to its history and science series Time Scanners (pictured), and also pre-sold it to ABC Australia.
January 27, 2014

Atlantic Productions has added U.S. net PBS and France Télévision as coproduction partners to its history and science series Time Scanners (pictured), and also pre-sold it to ABC Australia.

The 6 x one-hour documentary series, commissioned by National Geographic Channels International, features history, engineering, and science, and uses 3D laser-scanning technology.

Time Scanners will examine how iconic structures – including the Colosseum, the ruins at Petra in Jordan, the lost Inca city of Machu Picchu in Peru, and St. Paul’s Cathedral in London – were constructed, and in the process will show new discoveries about our ancestors’ lives and beliefs, according to the partners.

Structural engineer Steve Burrows and his laser-scanning team will create 3D digital replicas of each structure in the series, which premieres on National Geographic in the UK on February 25 at 9 p.m. GMT.

“The technology we have helped develop for Time Scanners produces a beautiful interactive 3D model of even the largest site or structure, in extraordinary detail,” said Anthony Geffen, CEO of Atlantic Productions. “The result, produced in real time, is an unimaginably complex data point cloud of every detail of the site, both inside and out, allowing never-before seen images of some of the world’s most beloved historic sites.”

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