UKTV lands “Ancient Black Ops”

UKTV-owned history channel Yesterday has picked up a series on covert operations from UK indie World Media Rights, called Ancient Black Ops (pictured).
February 25, 2014

UKTV-owned history channel Yesterday has picked up a series on covert operations from UK indie World Media Rights (WMR), called Ancient Black Ops. 

The 10 x 50-minute series (pictured) tells stories of elite troop and hit squad missions dating back to the days of the Vikings, and will air later this year.

Each episode of Ancient Black Ops will tell the story of one mission, featuring details on how targets were chosen, how groups trained, how weapons were chosen, and historical context on why these groups – including the Aztec’s Jaguar Warriors, the 47 Ronin samurai death squad, and Berserker Vikings - were the most feared of their time.

Yesterday has also recently acquired two series of WMR’s sister series Black Ops. WMR’s creative director Matthew Barrett serves as exec producer for Ancient Black Ops.

“Yesterday is dedicated to providing audiences with fascinating factual stories, and Ancient Black Ops perfectly fits into the channel’s remit,” said Adrian Wills, general manager of Yesterday. “The series brings to life compelling real-world ancient conflict stories, through credible historians and exciting re-enactments.”

“We are now using our legendary drama reconstruction skills to show how the hit squads of the ancient world operated,” said Alan Griffiths, CEO of World Media Rights. “Each episode will appeal both to history lovers and computer games fans, as a lot of these games are based on the real-life stories and military figures which feature throughout the series.”

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