Small World takes game show “Dr What” into China

London- and LA-based formats company Small World IFT has sold its medical game show format Dr What: Diagnosis Unknown (pictured) into China, where it will premiere on Chinese broadcaster Zhejiang TV.
July 15, 2014

London- and LA-based formats company Small World IFT has sold its medical game show format Dr What: Diagnosis Unknown into China, where it will premiere on Chinese broadcaster Zhejiang TV tomorrow (July 16).

The show challenges medical interns to diagnose real-life conditions, and has aired for five seasons on Japan’s NHK as Dr G’s Case File. The show’s Chinese version – a 12 x 70-minute series entitled Health 007 - will be coproduced by NHK, China’s Legend Media and Zhejiang TV. The deal marks the first time the Chinese broadcaster has partnered with Japan on a format, according to the distributor.

The deal was brokered by Tim Crescenti, president of Small World IFT; Aegena Tay, director of program development at Singapore-based Bomanbridge Media; and Patrick Peng, research and development director at China’s Legend Media.
Doctor What: Diagnosis Unknown is one of very few unique formats in the market place,” said Hiroya Okado, senior producer with NHK’s content development center. “It is a great pleasure that we will now be able to see the Chinese co-development Health 007 come to life.
“Through the re-enactment of the cases, we hope the Chinese viewers will enjoy the deduction of a diagnosis as our viewers in Japan do. The medical information discussed is educational for viewers of all ages.”
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