Channel 5 to examine “Grandmother Lover”

Commissioned by UK broadcaster Channel 5, Grandmother Lover initially started out as a short YouTube video on Barcroft TV, before making the leap to full-length doc.
December 12, 2014

UK broadcaster Channel 5 has commissioned Barcroft Productions to make a documentary examining one man’s obsession with dating much older women.

The 60-minute Grandmother Lover follows a 31-year-old Pittsburgh resident as he dates women twice and almost three times his age – 70 through 91 – and, in particular, 91-year-old great grandmother Marjorie McCool. The film promises to capture not only his desire for elderly romantic partners, but the reaction of his family and friends as well as public opinion regarding his dating preferences.

A shorter YouTube version of the film was originally available on Barcroft TV, and the longer Channel 5 version will be aired at a yet-to-be-determined date in 2015.

Greg Barnett commissioned the show for Channel 5, with Sam Barcroft and Nina Davies exec producing for Barcroft Productions.

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