Passion inks sales for “Charlie Luxton,” “Timber”

London-based Passion Distribution has secured a raft of international sales for series including Timber Kings and Charlie Luxton's Homes by the Sea (pictured).
February 26, 2015

London-based Passion Distribution has secured a raft of international sales for series including Timber Kings and Charlie Luxton’s Homes by the Sea (pictured).

In France, RMC Decouverte has acquired seasons one and two (25 x 60 minutes) of Timber Kings, seasons one to four (16 x 60 minutes and 2 x 60 minute specials) of Dynamo: Magician Impossible, and The Weather Channel’s So You Think You’d Survive (8 x 60 minutes). Elsewhere, Voyage has licensed Air Pressure (10 x 30 minutes) and doc channel Planete A&E has taken seasons seven and eight of Ghost Adventures (131 x 60 minutes and 1 x 90 minutes).

Over in Italy, De Agostini has licensed World’s Angriest (8 x 60 minutes) and Angry Britain (6 x 60 minutes). The former has also gone to Poland as part of a deal with TVN Poland, which additionally acquired seasons nine and 11 of Traffic Cops (63 x 30 minutes and 33 x 60 minutes) as well as seasons two and three of An Idiot Abroad (19 x 60 minutes).

Elsewhere, in Scandinavia, sales have been made with SBS Norway and TV2 Denmark for seasons one and two of Charlie Luxton’s Homes by the Sea (15 x 60 minutes), while season one of the series has also been picked up by Canada’s Blue Ant Media.

Finally, Japan’s Nippon has bought seasons one and two of Strangest Weather on Earth (12 x 30 minutes and 8 x 60 minutes).

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