Exclusive: AHC signs on for “Evolution of Evil”

U.S. net American Heroes Channel has commissioned a 10 x 50-minute docuseries titled Evolution of Evil from UK indie World Media Rights. (Pictured: WMR's CEO Alan Griffiths)
May 19, 2015

U.S. net American Heroes Channel has commissioned a 10 x 50-minute docuseries titled Evolution of Evil from UK indie World Media Rights.

The series – a copro between the net and the London-based prodco – will cover key moments in the reigning periods of world leaders such as Saddam Hussein, Papa Doc Duvalier, Mussolini, General Hideki Toji and Kim Jong Il. Combining dramatic reconstructions with archival material and expert testimonies, Evolution of Evil will trace the personal trajectories of 10 notorious world leaders in total.

ZDF Enterprises has picked up global distribution rights for the series, excluding the U.S. and UK.

American Heroes Channel most recently partnered with World Media Rights on the docuseries WWII in the Pacific, and past projects include Black Ops, Secrets of the Bible and Myth Hunters.

Evolution of Evil charts the moments that some of the nastiest despots in history cross the boundaries from normal human behavior into downright evil,” said Matthew Barrett, creative director of World Media Rights, in a statement.

“The series sets out to ask the question: are they just like us or is there something that makes these people different, and if so, can we pinpoint what it is and when it takes hold?” Barrett continued. “It’s a subject that perfectly suits World Media Rights’ strength of combining intelligent history with dramatic story-telling.”

The deal was negotiated for American Heroes Channel by Winona Meringolo, VP of development, and Nikolas Huelbusch, director of factual for ZDF Enterprises, along with World Media Rights CEO Alan Griffiths (pictured).

Exec producing for World Media Rights is creative director Barrett, while Ron Simon is executive producer for American Heroes Channel.

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