BBC4 orders “Skinhead” special

The UK pubcaster has ordered Skinhead, an hour-long special that promises to trace the evolution of a peaceful movement into one of racial intolerance, from Seven Network-backed indie 7 Wonder. (Pictured: host Don Letts)
March 14, 2016

UK pubcaster BBC4 has ordered the hour-long special Skinhead from Seven Network-backed UK indie 7 Wonder.

Hosted by BBC Radio 6 Music presenter Don Letts (pictured), the one-off will focus on the history of one of Britain’s most notorious subcultures and the social impact it’s had across music, style and culture.

The film will give Letts’ first-hand account of the skinhead movement by tracing its origins in the 1960′s as a “harmonious subgroup” through to its evolution throughout the 1970′s and 1980′s into a “threatening and bigoted subculture steeped in far-right politics and violence.”

The special will also reflect on the movement’s modern-day legacy and the stigma associated with the subculture by exploring white power nationalists in the U.S., fascist revivalists in Italy and Neo-Nazis in Germany.

7 Wonder’s Steve Condie serves as executive producer. The special was commissioned by the BB4′s Cassian Harrison and Jan Younghusband.

“As a teenager I spent a part of my youth as a skinhead – we’re talking about the fashion version and not the fascist version that would appear much later,” said Letts in a statement. “It’s a story that says much about British life – about our music, our fashion, our multicultural society and our politics. I want to get under the skin of skinhead and try to understand a movement that was essentially born of white working class disillusionment.”

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