Fremantle hits the sidewalk with NZ karaoke show

FremantleMedia has taken the global TV rights to music entertainment format Sidewalk Karaoke, a Pango Productions-made series (pictured) currently airing on New Zealand's Maori Television.
June 8, 2016

FremantleMedia is dropping the mic on a new karaoke series.

The company has taken the global TV rights to musical entertainment format Sidewalk Karaoke from Pango Productions, which originally aired on New Zealand’s Maori Television in May and runs for 10 episodes.

The game show hits the streets in search of “sidewalk superstars” looking to sing for cash prizes, as long as their renditions score high enough on the format’s judging app.

In the show’s first round of three, contestants choose their song and must score higher than 70 points to win the money. Next, two contestants are given a song and have to reach over 80 points in order to double the prize. Lastly, players have two minutes to convince a stranger to sing a duet with them and the pair must accumulate more than 80 points to win.

Sidewalk premiered in New Zealand to excellent ratings, tripling Maori TV’s prime time average across all key demographics.

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