Extra: Amazon’s “Lore” gets air date; HBO releases “The Game Revealed”

Amazon Original Series sets air date for new unscripted horror project Lore   Amazon Original Series unscripted horror series Lore is slated to premiere Oct. 13 on Prime Video. Based on the podcast of the ...
August 30, 2017

Amazon Original Series sets air date for new unscripted horror project Lore


Amazon Original Series unscripted horror series Lore is slated to premiere Oct. 13 on Prime Video.

Based on the podcast of the same name, the series offers up “frightening and often disturbing tales based on real people and events that have led to our modern-day myths and legends.”

Produced by Propagate Content and Valhalla Entertainment, Lore (pictured) combines documentary footage, narration, historical mixed media and cinematic scenes to bring to life terrifying but true stories.

“The thing that made it so intriguing was that they were real life scary stories, because so much of what you see in horror is scripted,” Propagate Content founder and co-CEO Howard Owens told realscreen in October, when the series was first greenlit. “We thought as a launching point for video storytelling [that] it just felt right.”

Lore aims to celebrate the horror genre by exploring the real-life tales behind pop culture’s most legendary horror myths, such as vampires, changelings, werewolves, séances and possessed dolls.

The 10-part series will premiere exclusively on Amazon Prime Video in the U.S., UK, Germany, Austria and Japan in 2017

Points North Institute unveils 2017 Forum program at CIFF

The evolution of docs in the digital age and the challenges facing nonfiction storytellers in a politically charged media landscape are the focus of this year’s ninth annual Points North Forum, shepherded by The Points North Institute.

Moderated discussions with filmmakers, artists, funders and industry leaders will address topics including race in America, press freedom and what’s upcoming for the next generation of nonfiction virtual reality experiences.

Highlighted doc panels include a session addressing character-driven documentary with director Steve James, which will be co-presented by Maine Media Workshops. Another session will examine the creative side of archival storytelling with director Sierra Pettengill, editor Nels Bangerter and writer/curator Eric Hynes.

A discussion of press freedom for the nonfiction community will feature Carrie Lozano (IDA Enterprise Fund), Katie Townsend (Reporters Committee on Freedom of the Press), Harlo Holmes (Freedom of the Press Foundation) and Sam Gregory (Witness).

“Our programming is driven by the belief that documentary storytelling is more important now than ever before,” said the Institute’s program director Sean Flynn, in a statement. “It’s a privilege to bring together such a diverse, talented and accomplished group of filmmakers and industry leaders in Camden for urgent and inspiring discussions about the role of the documentary artist today.”

The three-day conference program runs concurrently with the Camden International Film Festival (CIFF) from Sept. 15 – 17, 2017 at the Camden Opera House, High Mountain Hall and St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church in Camden, Maine.

HBO releases Game of Thrones mini behind-the-scenes series

Premium cable network HBO has released The Game Revealed, a new, post-season, behind-the-scenes series of the television phenomenon Game of Thrones.

The seven-part program features exclusive interviews with cast and crew which offers new insight and information on how some of the biggest moments from the latest season of the Game of Thrones series came together.

The first episode of The Game Revealed is available now and fans can also watch it for free on Facebook and YouTube.

The remaining six episodes will be available exclusively to HBO subscribers, with new episodes rolling out on a weekly basis on subsequent Mondays on HBO N0w, HBO Go, HBO On Demand and affiliate portals.




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