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No peace in Shangri-la...
November 1, 1997

No peace in Shangri-la

Whenever the Dalai Lama gets involved in your project, it’s bound to turn some heads. Storm in Shangri-la – The Story of Tibet is a production of Hi-Klass Communications of India, distributed through Thomas Horton Associates in Santa Barbara. The production is an international effort with an Australian director of photography, an Indonesian senior editor and music by Kitaro. The 2 x 1 hours will be finished in January, but no broadcasters have signed on yet. Storm in Shangri-La will contain both re-enactments and original footage of defining moments in Tibetan history. The Dalai Lama allowed filming of some of the most sacred Buddhist ceremonies, and gave producers access to some of the archives he was able to remove from Tibet when he escaped. The doc is a look at the history of Tibet and her relations with her conquerors, including the most recent: the Chinese.

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