Goodbye Paris, Hello Marseilles

Paris may be the city of light, but Marseilles is shaping up to be the city of tech, according to St. Thomas Productions co-founder Bertrand Loyer.
January 17, 2001

After five fruitful years in Paris, natural history prodco St. Thomas Productions is re-locating to the historic port city of Marseilles. The move is partly inspired by the need for more office space, but also the desire for better streaming capabilities to support the company’s footage initiative, ‘The city of Marseilles is orienting itself towards new technologies in television,’ says producer and St. Thomas co-founder Bertrand Loyer. ‘You have the advantage of being on a two gigabyte line for streaming information. That’s not yet available in Paris.’

Loyer says that while St. Thomas will continue to produce wildlife documentaries, they are also serious about footage sales. ‘We’ve decided to use the Windows Media technology as a streaming format, and we are also using a new technology called Smart Play, which is able to recognize how large the customer’s band width is.’

Although was launched a year ago, the debut of the company’s associated website is set for February 1 of this year. Loyer explains that the long-term plan is to launch several webpages dedicated to specific footage, accessible from the company’s site. For now, however, only wildlife footage will be available on the net at

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