Court TV bumps up spending

The AOL/Time Warner-Liberty Media service commits to spending US$140 million on programming over the next two years.
March 14, 2001

At a time when AOL/Time Warner appears to be cutting corners (most notably with their withdrawal of its stand from MIPTV) the decision by one of its services – Court TV – to up its spending is a hopeful (albeit curious) turn of events.

Henry Schleiff, chairman and CEO of the crime and justice cablecaster, recently announced a commitment to spend US$140 million on programming over the next couple of years, an increase of $20 million from the previous two-year budget. He also noted that the 2001-2002 development slate includes more than 300 hours of new original programming, including a healthy proportion of non-fiction material.

Some of the non-fiction programs in development for Court TV’s next season are: Final Appeal: The United States Supreme Court (w/t), a one-hour copro with ABC News about the inner working of America’s highest court; Murder or Tragedy? The Pioneer Hotel Fire (w/t) a doc special that revisits individuals involved in the tragic 1970 incident, produced by CBS News; and Secret Service: In the Line of Fire (w/t), a one-off about the strategies, tensions and dangers of working for the undercover organization, produced by New York’s Partisan Pictures.

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