Soros Doc Fund may move to the Sundance Institute

Diane Weyermann, director of the Soros Documentary Fund, is leaving to join the team at the Sundance Institute, but it isn't a true parting of the ways. The Sundance Institute is currently negotiating with the Open Society Institute to take over the Soros Doc Fund.
April 11, 2001

The New York-based Soros Documentary Fund may soon have a new parent. The Open Society Institute, which masterminded the creation of the international funding body, is currently in talks with the Sundance Institute to take over the fund.

Diane Weyermann , director of the Soros Doc Fund, has already accepted a new post as director of international programs at the Sundance Institute. She will assume her new position as of May, but will go back and forth until the negotiations are completed.

Says Weyermann, ‘Obviously Sundance makes a lot of sense, number one because I would still be supervising [the Soros Documentary Fund] so there would be that continuity, and number two it’s a film institute, so it’s a great place for the grantees. But, there are issues that need to be resolved.’

Weyermann anticipates a decision by mid-May.

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