Louise Rosen takes exec role at Blue Planet Entertainment

Veteran distributor Louise Rosen shelves her company to join the ambitious upstart.
June 14, 2001

Louise Rosen has shelved her six-year-old distribution company, Louise Rosen Ltd., to become VP and general manager of Blue Planet Entertainment in Boston – a new and wholly owned subsidiary of the Munich-based company of the same name.

Blue Planet was established in September 2000 when Germany’s Media! (a digital media and broadcast technologies company) diversified. Its focus is to develop, produce, coproduce and distribute factual films internationally. By 2002, the company plans to have branches in the U.K. and France.

In an official statement, Rosen says, ‘This collaboration…offers a tremendous opportunity to further implement my fundamental ideas about the business of high quality non-fiction programming, as well as expand upon many of my existing relationships with producers, directors and international broadcasters.’

A portion of Rosen’s current portfolio will accompany her to Blue Planet, including Stealing the Fire(Friedman-Nalder Productions) and The Heywood Project(West City Films).

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