The Tigers take a big leap

British sister prodcos Tiger Aspect and Tigress Productions are heading to Washington, D.C., under the direction of ex-Nat Geo staffer Christine Weber.
June 21, 2001

The U.K.’s Tiger Aspect and sister company Tigress Productions are heading to Washington, D.C. Tiger Aspect Tigress will soon open its first U.S. office under the supervision of ex-Nat Geo executive producer of special projects, Christine Weber. Weber’s mandate will be to secure original commissions to be produced in the U.K., and to establish a production base in the U.S., over which she will act as executive producer. Weber is currently in the process of executive producing the eight-hour series Africa (National Geographic, Tigress, Thirteen/WNET, Magic Box Mediaworks).

The announcement comes only two months after London-based Tiger Aspect Productions re-branded Bristol subsidiary Shearman Productions as Tiger Aspect West.

Jeremy Bradshaw, managing director of Tigress Productions says these changes point to a natural evolution: ‘Moving into science, travel and adventure was an obvious expansion for us – in fact we had been doing it all along but hadn’t realized it.

‘In terms of the U.S. office, we will be developing some really ambitious projects to follow our successes in the U.S.A. The Tiger Aspect Tigress Group has terrific specialist factual skills and factual formats, and Chris Weber will be connecting those talents with the U.S. factual broadcasters. She will be our driving force in North America.’

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