Clipsalesnow shuts down

Internet-based footage archive Clipsalesnow will officially close its doors by mid-July, felled by a funding shortfall.
June 28, 2001

No one could attribute the failure of the U.K.’s Clipsalesnow to a lack of enthusiasm. Since the launch of the internet-based archive five months ago, managing director Sally Miles has been a tireless promoter of the profits to be had through online clip sales. As many a defunct dot-com can attest, however, online ventures require substantial funds to survive their early days and sources are few.

Clipsalesnow needed US$1.4 million, according to Miles, but ultimately couldn’t come up with the funds. Says Miles, ‘We always knew that after a certain period we would need – and we were looking for – our investor. And timing wise, I’m afraid, we hit the wall. I could have gone on for another few months, but it would not have been fair to the content partners we were signing up.’

Companies that had signed on with Clipsalesnow include Ardent Productions, Brook Lapping Productions, RDF Television and ARTV. When asked whether Clipsalesnow might be reincarnated, Miles declined to comment. The company will officially close on July 18.

Miles remains managing director of London-based prodco September Films, a distinct entity from Clipsalesnow.

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