E! Networks appoints new international management team

E! Networks plans to take a more proactive role in the development of its international channels, which COO Ken Bettsteller says have lost out on opportunities.
August 16, 2001

E! Networks in Los Angeles, U.S. has named Kevin MacLellan senior VP, international. He will oversee Duccio Donati, who was elevated to VP, international sales, and Cheryl McDermott, who has joined the company as VP, business operations, international.

MacLellan fills a post that lay vacant for six months following the departure of Jon Helmrich. COO Kenneth Bettsteller says MacLellan’s appointment signals a new phase in the development of E!’s worldwide operations. ‘I think we’ve lost a lot of opportunities to make many of our existing international channels even stronger through a more proactive involvement, whether it’s on the marketing end, the scheduling end or the distribution end,’ he explains.

Additionally, the network plans to expand into new territories, such as Western Europe and Asia, and become more involved in cross-promotional activities with key broadcasters in off-shore territories where the channel currently broadcasts. ‘We cannot be afraid to invest,’ insists Bettsteller. ‘Historically, the company was somewhat shy about making real capital investments abroad. I think we have a different mindset about it. Under a prudent situation, we’re happy to make the investment in people and dollars to provide a valuable brand.’

Internationally, E! programming is broadcast in over 120 countries. The network also operates 24-hour E! branded channels in the U.S., Latin America, Brazil, Israel, Scandinavia, and the Philippines, as well as in Poland, Russian, Romania and Spain.

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