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'When you meet someone like this, you cast all practicalities aside.'
February 1, 2002

‘When you meet someone like this, you cast all practicalities aside.’

-director Rob Fruchtman, on why he agreed to co-direct Sister Helen

Q: ‘How do you prefer American producers to approach you?’

A: ‘On their knees.’

- Mette Hoffmann Meyer, commissioning editor and head of sales and coproductions for TV2 Denmark, during the House of Docs panel The International Scene

‘Nobody has come after us yet, but if they do, we’re ready.’

-Daniel B. Gold, co-director of Blue Vinyl, on whether the vinyl industry has legal issues with the film

‘We worked very hard to convince them that the history of women in popular culture is a worthy topic.’

-Lisa Ades, director of Miss America, on applying for grant money

‘How many people here have taped over the red light?’

-Kirby Dick, co-director of Derrida, while moderating the House of Docs panel Filmmaker to Filmmaker

‘It was probably the most stressful experience of my life.’

-Liz Garbus, director of The Execution of Wanda Jean, on trying to clarify a misunderstanding that caused the family of Wanda Jean to question her motives for making the film.

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