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Will digital projection facilitate theatrical release of docs?
April 1, 2002

Will digital projection facilitate theatrical release of docs?

Yes 83%

No 17%

Current increased interest in international topics is:

Long term 67%

Short term 33%

As a producer or researcher, the consolidation of archive houses has made your work:

Easier 79%

Harder 5%

No different 16%

When will the economic climate improve in 2002:

1st quarter 2%

2nd quarter 29%

3rd quarter 31%

4th quarter 12%

Can you spare a quarter? 26%

What topped your holiday wish list:

Peace on Earth 65%

A year’s supply of 35mm film 8%

A year’s supply of videotape 5%

A producer’s guide to navigating the German broadcasting system 22%

Given the current economic climate, will average license fees decline this year?

Definitely yes 16%

Very likely 39%

Not very likely 16%

Definitely no 7%

God, I hope not 22%

Following a dramatic drop in attendance, has NATPE breathed its last?

Yes, thanks for the memories 71%

No, see you next year 29%

Which feature doc will take the Oscar?

Children Underground 8%

War Photographer 9%

Murder on a Sunday Morning 65%

Promises 8%

Lalee’s Kin: The Legacy of Cotton 10%

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