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It's a small world, and getting smaller. Having seen many of you last month in Cannes for MIPCOM, I'm even more convinced of that.
November 1, 2002

It’s a small world, and getting smaller. Having seen many of you last month in Cannes for MIPCOM, I’m even more convinced of that.

When the good times roll, the web-like network of our industry casts the benefits far and wide. On the flip side, when one company stumbles, the ground shakes for a myriad of other companies in the business, and not just the obvious ones. When you mix in the fact that our industry’s senior executives, many of whom have been in the business for a long time, often swap places with one other, the six degrees of separation can boil down to just one or two.

In this issue, there’s an examination of how the fall of Kirch has been felt in the German documentary industry and beyond. With almost six months now passed since the collapse, the long-term and wide-ranging impact can be quantified. In the era of media consolidation, it’s a cautionary tale.

The needs and whims of another group of media players, namely the studios and syndicators, has left a big mark on NATPE, and the fate of next year’s convention was on the minds of many at mipcom. For those of you who have attended in the past, NATPE 2003 will bear little resemblance to the glitzy days of yore and marks the end of the gargantuan booth. But there may still be opportunities for smaller distributors and indies, and RealScreen will be there as the sponsor of the Documentary Pavilion. If you are planning to exhibit, let us know. As a participant in the pavilion, we can customize a package to highlight your presence, including some cost-effective advertising options.

In planning your event participation this winter, you’ll want to make sure the RealScreen Summit (February 5 to 7, 2002) is on your schedule. Check out the ad in this issue for more details on the latest speakers. This is also the right time to consider sponsoring the event and joining companies already on board, such as Discovery Networks, BBC Worldwide, PBS, ZDF, Panasonic, CABLEready, Atlas Media, Camera Planet and Lehman Strobel. To talk about sponsorship opportunities, contact Fatima Chai at

We’re very excited to be bringing you the second annual RealScreen Year in Review next month, and we thank all the readers who filled out our online survey. This is a very popular read for buyers and commissioners, so it’s an excellent year-end advertising vehicle. Call us to talk about booking your space.

In the meantime, we hope the autumn months have been treating you kindly. Enjoy the issue!

Mary Ellen Armstrong

Publisher, RealScreen

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