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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Donna MacNeil, and I am pleased this month to sign on as RealScreen's new publisher.
April 1, 2003

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Donna MacNeil, and I am pleased this month to sign on as RealScreen‘s new publisher. Those of you with cross-genre mandates may know me already as the publisher of sister publication KidScreen. My new role sees my portfolio expand to include both KidScreen and RealScreen.

This is an exciting step for me, as I have been a fan of RealScreen from its inception. The groundswell of support for the magazine, and the RealScreen Summit, over the past few years has been remarkable. I’m joining a terrific team, championed by Susan Zeller in editorial and Fatima Chai in sales, and couldn’t ask for a better support system to help bring me up to speed on the nuances of the non-fiction industry. I look forward to getting to know you producers, distributors, buyers and commissioning editors and to helping identify how – short of cutting you a check – RealScreen can make your jobs easier and connect you with solid business ideas.

My good friend, former RealScreen publisher Mary Ellen Armstrong, and I sat down to craft some personality questions to help you get to know me a bit better:

Q: Michael Moore asks to interview you – what’s your response?

A: ‘Non parlo inglese.’

Q: Do you watch reality TV? Is it a fun diversion or the anti-Christ?

A: Used to – now I get enough shock value from the promos that I don’t really need to watch the actual programs. Except American Idol- I do like that one a lot.

Q: How many business cards can you collect in an hour?

A: Enough to keep myself doing data entry for weeks. I prefer a good chat to a quick card exchange, though.

Q: How many free cocktails can you swill in an hour?

A: One of my market skills is staying remarkably on my game, no matter what the number…you’ll never know!

Q: What non-fiction specialty channels do you subscribe to in your home?

A: I already have Discovery, Animal Planet and Nat Geo – will now be ordering The Documentary Channel as well.

I’ll be making my debut at Hot Docs this month, so make sure to say hello!

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Donna MacNeil


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Jillian Morgan is a special reports editor at realscreen with a background in journalism and digital marketing. She joined the publication in 2019 after serving as the assistant editor to trade publications HPAC and On-Site. With a bachelor of journalism from the University of King's College in Halifax, she also works as a freelance writer and fact-checker.