Talking points: Marena Manzoufas

Marena Manzoufas, head of programming, ABC, Australia
October 1, 2006

Marena Manzoufas, head of programming, ABC, Australia
ABC’s Manzoufas has a simple list of requests for distributors hoping to work with her: ‘Be aware of our schedule and channel style so you don’t offer things that wouldn’t fit. [Include] clear information, such as the title, number of episodes and (obviously) what the show is about. And keep me informed of anything I may have expressed interest in – before the show is finished.’

Her two biggest irritants are also easy to avoid. First, get the time difference with Australia right. (‘Please don’t call me when I am cooking dinner at home, after office hours!’) Secondly, don’t call her hotel room before breakfast when she’s at a market. (‘I am particularly non-communicative and even grumpy at that time of the morning!’)

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