The Viewer Files: The nature/science viewer

The nature/science viewer
November 1, 2006

The nature/science viewer
Age range: 35 to 65 (53%), while another 19% are 65-plus.
Average age: 46
Sex: 55% male
Marital status: 59% are married.
Kids: 64% are empty nesters, but 36% have kids at home.
Education: 40% have a college diploma, bachelor’s degree or graduate degree, with a skew towards trade schools.
Typical job: 23% are blue collar, 20% are managers/owners/professionals, while 44% are retired.
Income: US$27,612 (theirs); $55,481 (household)
Viewing habits: They are medium-heavy to heavy TV viewers. They tend to watch during primetime (90%), but also watch in daytime (54%) and early fringe (70%).
Major purchases: 35% have bought a mutual fund, 30% have redecorated, and 25% have remodeled their homes.
Other media consumption: They are medium-heavy to heavy radio listeners (42%). They like classic rock (39%), oldies (34%), and alt rock (30%).
They are heavy readers of daily newspapers (40% read every issue). They tend to stick to the general news section (57%), as well as entertainment (36%), and sports (30%). They are medium-heavy to heavy magazine readers, and like news pubs, as well as National Geographic.
Favorite shows: News (70%), as well as CSI (35%), Fear Factor (29%) and Law & Order (31%). They also like to cheer on their sports team (42%).

Don’t expect the nature viewer to watch anything too superficial. A real man’s man, he’ll stick to his nature programming or sports. Still, he’ll tune into a smart crime drama and has been known to watch Fear Factor. But for the most part, he’s likely to change the dial if he catches a whiff of reality fare.

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