Producer Profile: Ricochet (UK)

April 1, 2007



What can you say about the creators of Supernanny (now in almost 50 territories) and How Not to Decorate? Says one of our readers: ‘They’ve done some very exciting things: they’ve broken into the US market, first with Supernanny, and now with a new series for ABC, Fat March [which aired as Too Big to Walk in the UK]. They’ve established themselves as a leader of factual entertainment in a very competitive marketplace, and come up with innovative financing/growth models, especially the way they’ve taken their ‘made in UK’ product and exported it overseas. New shows like Sex Court are going to push the envelope of reality television over the next year.’ And pushing the envelope with innovative factual is what Ricochet, now part of the Shed group, is good at.

Recent titles: My New Home, Supernanny, How Not to Decorate

Employees: 150 in the UK, 50 in the US

Hours this year: 175 (118 in the UK, 57 in the US)

Upcoming includes: Selling Houses Abroad (Channel 4), Extreme Dreams (BBC), My New Home (C4), Mummy Diaries (C4)

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