Producer Profile: Louder Than Words (US)

Louder Than Words
April 1, 2007

Louder Than Words


In a graphic demonstration of the influence of the Internet in the new media landscape, the company behind a net-based film that couldn’t get arrested on broadcast or theatrical make this year’s Global 100 list.

Louder Than Words is a NY-based outfit run by four 20-somethings. Now in its second incarnation, their film Loose Change (budget US$10,000) might be credited with kick-starting and giving weight to the conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11. With 30 million confirmed online viewings in 40 different languages, whether or not you like or believe the content is irrelevant. Those are numbers any producer would kill for.

Look for a third and final cut of the movie (budget $2 million) to hit this spring, distributed by MercuryMedia outside of the US.

Recent titles: Loose Change 2nd Edition

Employees: 4

Hours this year: 90 minutes

Upcoming includes: Loose Change Final Cut

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