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51 Minds Entertainment (Los Angeles)
March 1, 2008

51 Minds Entertainment (Los Angeles)

51 Minds Entertainment principles EP Cris Abrego (of 51 Pictures) and EP Mark Cronin (of Mindless Entertainment) first joined forces to produce The Surreal Life for now-defunct The WB. When the network dropped the show, it was picked up by MTV as the perfect foil for VH1. And the rest, they say, is history.

51 Minds continues to produce a slew of celebrity/reality shows for VH1, including Rock of Love, I Love New York, America’s Most Smartest Model and drama/reality show Gotti’s Way. In fact, 51 Minds has enjoyed exponential growth and success that would be the envy of many a prodco, based entirely on a slew of quirky, strong character-driven reality series. Anyone who witnessed Flavor Flav make moves on Danish amazon Brigitte Nielsen during the third season of The Surreal Life will know what we’re talking about.

Recent titles: Gotti’s Way, Rock of Love, Flavor of Love, I Love New York

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