What I did on my summer vacation

If like the outgoing 'Leader of the Free World,' you recently discovered the Interwebs and searched 'The Google' for realscreen, you would be shocked -
August 1, 2008

Ed note: Given that this editorial is about the website you’re already on, I kind of feel like I’ve skimped on the content. Feel free to visit my blog by way of compensation…

If like the outgoing ‘Leader of the Free World,’ you recently discovered the Interwebs and searched ‘The Google’ for realscreen, you would be shocked – shocked, I tell you – by what you saw.

Gone are the cracked, sepia-toned images. No longer are stories written out long-hand, with quill and ink flourishes. Sadly, the hamsters powering the site have all shuffled off their mortal coils. Yes, this is the formal announcement that realscreen finally has a new website worthy of the fluctuating electrons on which it’s printed.

Remarkably, we began planning our new Web presence when we relaunched the mag nearly three years ago. It was intended that online would do much of the heavy content lifting, while the print mag was meant to run vacation snaps and recipes I clipped out of Homemakers magazine. Well… maybe not, but it was supposed to happen concurrent to the print relaunch.

So, here we are. Right on time. Cough.

One of the reasons it took such a long time is we realize our industry ‘peeps’ (as the kids say these days) are busy. When we were considering our online space, it had to be acknowledged that readers are constantly bombarded with content and personal enlargement offers, and that your time is at a premium. We tried to keep that in mind when we decided what would make the cut, and so we’ve made the interface and the content as user-friendly as possible, with daily news feeds, links, features, resources and community elements tailored to the various aspects of our industry.

At first, the site might look deceptively simple, but play with the side menu on the left and you’ll gain access to a remarkable amount of content. As always, your feedback is vital, so tell us what you think or how we might improve.

Also, you’ve still got a very little bit of time – until September 3, to be exact – to get in your MIP Picks submissions. Upload clips from the new shows you’re bringing to Cannes for the first time to the realscreen site (, and you may win two free passes to the Realscreen Summit this coming February. Check the site for more details.

Hope you’re having a good summer.

Brendan Christie,

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