New Filmmaker Profile: Arthur Machado

Though he spends his days in the edit suites of a major Brazilian ad agency, Arthur Machado feels more at home in the wild.
September 25, 2008

Though he labors daily in the edit suites of AlmapBBDO (one of the biggest advertising agencies in Brazil), cutting for clients such as Pepsi, Volkswagen and Greenpeace, filmmaker Arthur Machado would much rather be playing outside. Well, filming outside, anyway.

Based in Sao Paulo, Machado aims to be a wildlife filmmaker and has already begun working towards that goal. Recently he spent several weeks vacation filming along the extreme edge of South America, touring from Tierra del fuego to Fitz Roy. He recorded the adventure with a JVC DV500US (single CCD recorder), and cut the resulting footage using After Effects. Machado also used stills he shot with a Panasonic DMZ-FZ18 to do transition effects. The end result was a personal travelogue called Patagonia:
Patagonia from Arthur Machado on Vimeo.

Straddling the line between natural history and advertising has had its benefits. Though he’d likely rather be out in the wild, Machado’s experiences with editing for clients definitely shows. He’s got a unique approach to scene transitions and a commercial eye that hints at great things to come. Observes Machado, ‘being in contact with productions that sometimes have budgets of over a million dollars for a 30 second movie gets you in touch with some new techniques and technologies that are only used when you have a lot to spend .’

If only wildlife filmmakers had those sorts of budgets…

For stills from the trek, visit his flickr page.

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