Everybody’s under the same umbrella

Last week a new creative media company launched with an aim to bring together talent from various creative sectors under one roof. Realscreen spoke with Everybody's co-founder Kit Hawkins about the new project and how factual fits into their mandate.
October 2, 2008

‘I think the various sectors of the entertainment industry are coming closer and closer together,’ says Kit Hawkins, producer co-founder of Everybody’s with Adam Tudhope. ‘They are more aligned and there are opportunities for creatives to work in sectors that they didn’t work before.’

Hawkins and Tudhope have worked together before in a variety of media. They built the talent management company Tudhope Hawkins together and founded the award-winning production company White House Pictures. In fact, the new project’s name came from the title of song by Keane, a band managed under Tudhope Hawkins, called ‘Everybody’s Changing.’ Out of those two projects, and after setting up production company Sculpt the Future and the digital content company Monterosa Formats, the two officially formed Everybody’s, a multimedia group that brings together talent from the television, film, music, digital and brand sectors to create new projects.

One of the first projects to come out of Everybody’s is a coproduction between Peacock Productions and Sculpt the Future, Eco-Truth. The eight-part series for the Sundance Channel follows everyday items from the source to their consumption. For instance, one episode follows a plain white T-shirt from its beginnings as a cotton seed, to the mill, to our backs. Along the way it examines the pesticides that are sprayed on the cotton and how it affects us when we eventually wear the shirt, as well as the cattle that are fed two thirds of the cotton that isn’t made into clothes, and the people who live near cotton fields. David de Rothschild is Hawkins’ partner in Sculpt the Future as well as the narrator of the series. ‘It’s quite disturbing but it’s presented in a lighthearted tone so it doesn’t feel like you’ve been hit over the head,’ says Hawkins of the series.

Aside from Sculpt the Future, Everybody’s is gearing up to announce two more production companies they’ve helped to form that will make factual programs a large part of their focus.

In terms of the branding and brand involvement portion of the company, Hawkins plans to get brands involved from the ground up. ‘It’s always about finding what brands need and getting it right rather than just creating projects and hoping we can stick a brand to it,’ he says. ‘We try to start those conversations early on in the process.’

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