Strands and markets the focus at AIDC

With the Australian International Documentary Conference a month away realscreen's Kelly Anderson spoke with director Joost den Hartog about the conference's focus on everything you need to know about the factual audience.
January 7, 2009

The Australian International Documentary Conference is a month away and conference director Joost den Hartog is anticipating the 2009 edition will be the strongest one yet. Held on February 18 to 20 in Adelaide, the event will focus on the main theme strand of Who’s Watching? Looking at the audience and consulting with audience researchers like Genevieve Bell, the director of the User Experience Group, among others, the theme will be played out in sessions with experts who can answer the five questions regarding factual audiences: who, what, when, where and how are they watching.

Secondary themes are the art and craft of the doc, which will focus on the excellence of factual filmmaking in masterclasses, workshops and panel discussions from speakers like Peter Gilbert and Maziar Bahari. The wonderful world of multiplatforms will be explored in the Serious Content and Interactive Content strand, with speakers like Channel 4′s Adam Gee, the new media commissioner for factual. The three conference strands ‘provide an overview of where we’re at for media productions,’ says den Hartog, who also emphasizes that delegates have the offerings of the extensive market beyond the strands.

‘It’s the only event in this part of the world that brings together a critical mass of factual media filmmakers,’ says den Hartog. He furthers that the range of delegates and speakers gathering together is the most important part of AIDC.

It then makes sense that AIDC has many initiatives that bring together that critical mass, such as MeetMarket, which puts filmmakers’ doc pitches online for interested potential buyers to see and initiate a one-on-one, and Discovery Ignite, which gives indie filmmakers in Australia and New Zealand the chance to pitch their doc for local co-productions.

Den Hartog is currently working away at finalizing the schedule and will announce the final program in the upcoming weeks, while a list of speakers and strand info can already be found on the website.

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