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My love for TLC is constantly growing thanks to their array of programming being released for the summer season and the old favorites that still have a place ...
May 28, 2009

My love for TLC is constantly growing thanks to their array of programming being released for the summer season and the old favorites that still have a place in my heart.

While checking out some of the season premieres this week I came across what could be my next weekly “must see” show. Bill and Jen are newlyweds being introduced to us in The Little Couple, a show stemming from their one hour special earlier this year: Little People: Just Married.

Even though TLC already has a hit with Little People, Big World, and some might question if they need another, I think this is a great avenue to follow as we get to see the beginnings of a new relationship and what will become of this family. The average-sized world doesn’t always get a glimpse into the lives of others that are different, special or just living their lives while dealing with challenges. I admire this strong duo for the challenges they face and the courage they have to look above the ill mannered public that they sometimes come across. We can all learn a little something from this soon-to-be hit show.

My other favorite, as some of you know, is Jon &Kate Plus 8. I try not to believe what I read (in tabloids, at least) but it’s hard when it’s always in your face. So when I heard the tabloid rumors, I wondered if it meant the end of this happy family. Just like millions of others I was glued to my TV for the premiere episode of season five to see what was unfolding. As much as I wanted to see the family in action it was a bittersweet hour. Seeing the Gosselins’ interviewed separately on the couch was hard to handle; I wanted to see the bickering and laughing from seasons past. And it was heart-wrenching to hear the kids say they didn’t want their dad to be away anymore. I know we all love the “reality” of reality TV, but maybe this is too real. Maybe this family should be left in peace to pick up the pieces of their slowly shattering lives. To quote Jon, “My kids are going to Google me one day. I hope they’re mature enough to understand what’s happened.” It breaks my heart to know that what has transpired in the past few months will follow this family essentially for the rest of their lives and they won’t be able to run from it.

Will they survive as a family unit? Only time will tell and I don’t think we will have the answers by the end of this season – which as far as we know may be the final one. I do wish them a little solitude, especially for the younger kids who really don’t know what’s happening around them. Kinda sad when five-year-olds have to get used to the paparazzi following their every move, even waiting for them outside a party supply store.

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