Sunny Side of the Doc selects BIPS projects

For the second year, Sunny Side of the Doc will be hosting its Best International Projects showcase (the BIPS) from June 22-24. The fest organizers have announced this year's selections.
June 1, 2010

For the second year, Sunny Side of the Doc will be hosting its Best International Projects showcase (the BIPS) from June 22-24. The fest organizers have announced this year’s selections.

On Tuesday June 22, the Showcase kicks off with six history projects vying for attention. They are: Most Wanted Man from Italy’s Todos Contentos y yo tambien; Children of the Gulag from Frances’s Les films en vrac; Odessa from Romania’s Sub-Cult-Ura Productions; Wanted: First Ladies, a French-German coproduction presented by Cineama Verite Productions; We are Many, by the UK’s Amirani Films and A Spark in the Dark from France’s Filao Films. The history component is presented by History.

Later that day, the science, environmental and nature projects will be brought to commissioning editors for consideration in a presentation sponsored by RTBF. They are: The Olive Route from France’s Solferino Images; Alien Invasion: How we Fight Back from National Geographic USA; A Natural History of Laughter from France’s Altomedia; WILD France from France’s Boréales; Squeeze Me! from Filmtank GmbH and Faut qu’ca saigne from France’s CAPA.

Wednesday begins with the arts and culture presentations, sponsored by Gaumon Pathé Archives. They include: Touro Moreno: A Revanche (‘Ultimate Brown Bull’) from Brazil’s Mirabolica; Marie from France’s MAT Films; Sari from India’s Overdose; Girl’s Don’t Cry from Ego Media in Latvia; China Heavyweight, presented by Necessary Illusions in Canada and Orion: The Man who Would be King from the UK’s Glimmer Films.

Projects focusing on social and political issues will be presented in the afternoon, sponsored by YLE. They include: A 100,000 Year Problem from Finland’s YLE; Les mystères de Damas (‘The Mysteries of Damascus’) from France’s Bonne Compagnie; Patriotism 90 from China’s CNEX; Bernie’s System from Canada’s Les Productions A4; La brigade (‘The Squad’) from Cinétévé and Manchester United from Svishtov, presented by Bulgaria’s Across Works Entertainment Ltd.

On Thursday, a series of projects from ‘under 30s’ will be presented. They include: Untamed Europe from the UK’s Tom Keeling; How to Match Love from Germany’s fechner MEDIA Produktion; Kungfusion: Fighting Girls at Shaolin School from the UK’s Angela Yeoh; Without Bitterness from Czech Republic’s Sunfilms S.R.O.; Coups de Crayons (‘Pencil Strokes’) from France’s L’envol Productions and The Wanted 18 from Canada’s Intuitive Pictures Inc. This presentation is sponsored by Vodeo TV.

Last but not least, SRC and CBC present a selection of cross-media projects for consideration on Thursday, including: Paris Social Tub(e) from France’s AMO Films; Kenbe Ayiti (‘Hold Haiti’) from Tamouz Media in the U.S.; The Brussels Business from the UK’s; Clandestino from YUKUNKUN Productions in France; Crisis Point: Can You Change the World from Canada’s Resolve Labs and Conquest of the Globe from Germany’s Fernsehbüro GmbH.

Sunny Side of the Doc takes place from June 22-25 in La Rochelle, France. For more information, visit

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