FremantleMedia announces pre-DISCOP sales

FremantleMedia Enterprises (FME) has conducted a raft of sales to Central & Eastern European broadcasters ahead of DISCOP 2010.
June 21, 2010

FremantleMedia Enterprises (FME) has conducted a raft of sales to Central & Eastern European broadcasters ahead of DISCOP 2010. On the factual side, Jamie Oliver’s titles proved popular with Canal+/Kuchina and Domo in Poland, which have acquired Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (6 x 1-hour), Jamie’s Family Christmas (5 x 30 minutes), and Jamie Does (6 x 1 hour). Domo also bought new titles The Delicious Miss Dahl (6 x 30 minutes), Annabel Langbein: The Free Range Cook (13 x 30 minutes) and the fourth series of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern (9 x 1 hour). They’ve also picked up Cracking Antiques (6 x 30 minutes), series two of Grow Your Own Drugs (6 x 30 minutes) and the Grow Your Own Drugs Christmas Special (1 x 1 hour). Also in Poland, Canal+/Planete has bought Invasion of the Giant Pythons: Florida with Nigel Marvin (1 x1 hour), An Article of Hope (1 x 1 hour), The Da Vinci Shroud (1 x 1 hour), Egypt’s Animal Mummies (1 x 2 hour or 2 x 1 hour), and the third series of Big Ideas for a Small Planet (13 x 30 minutes). BBC Poland has also picked up several titles including Kevin McCloud’s Grand Tour (4 x 1 hour), Rome Unwrapped (8 x 1 hour), and Christianity: A History (8 x 1 hour). Viasat TV3 Hungary has bought the new second series of DEA (9 x 1 hour); Ukrainian broadcaster STB has purchased the latest second series of Deadliest Warrior (13 x 1 hour), plus the one hour special, as well as the first series of 1000 Ways to Die (12 x 30 minutes). Poland’s Polsat has picked up series one to three of Black Gold (29 hours). On the entertainment side, MTV Russia has bought Project Runway series six (14 x 1 hour) and Viasat TV3 Hungary has bought the entire back catalogue of series one to six. Viasat TV3 Hungary and MTV Russia have acquired the Project Runway companion series Models of the Runway (14 x 30 minutes).

Pan-Eastern-European broadcaster Viasat has bought series nine of American Idol (45 x 1 hour), while MTV Russia has acquired series eight (45 x 1 hour). Viasat in Hungary has acquired series four (26 x 1 hour) and five (44 x 1 hour) of America’s Got Talent; with Viasat TV3 Lithuania and Pop TV in Slovenia acquiring series two (47 x 1 hour).
As for formats, FME has made first sales of Hole in the Wall to the Ukraine, where Studio Pilot will be producing the show for broadcaster ICTV; The Price is Right and Password to TV7 in Bulgaria; Idols to MBK Production who will produce for A1 Macedonia; and Farmer Wants a Wife to Fox Serbia. Series two of Got Talent is also going to Slovenia’s Pop TV and Lithuania’s Viasat/TV3.

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