Planet Green reveals doc strand slate

Planet Green's documentary strand 'Reel Impact' is entering its second season with the world television premiere of No Impact Man and a season full of big television debuts.
June 21, 2010

Running inside Planet Green’s Verge primetime block, the ‘Reel Impact’ strand airs a documentary film every Saturday night at 10 p.m., each with an issue at its core.

The second season of ‘Reel Impact’ launches with the world television premiere of No Impact Man on August 28. The doc follows writer Colin Beaven as he and his family try to live for one year without creating an environmental impact, which means no shopping, no cars, no electricity, no toilet paper and buying local food only. Directed by Laura Gabbert and Justin Schein, No Impact Man illustrates whether or not a young family can successfully live off the grid while remaining happy.

The following film in the strand, airing September 4, is the television network premiere of the 2009 Academy Award-winning film, The Cove, which focuses on the dolphin hunt in Taiji, Japan. Directed by Louie Psihoyos, the film captures the quest, led by former Flipper trainer and now dolphin-activist Ric O’Barry, to record the events of the town’s yearly dolphin slaughter in order to raise global awareness about the activity.

Planet Green has also planned a month-long water advocacy campaign in August, dubbed Blue August, which will feature the U.S. television premieres of One Water and Sharkwater. One Water, narrated by Martin Sheen and shot in 15 countries, looks at communities across the globe struggling to get and maintain potable water and asks whether water is a human right or a commodity. The doc is directed by by Sanjeev Chatterjee and Ali Habashi. Sharkwater, directed by Rob Stewart, looks at the exploitation and corruption of the world’s shark populations.

‘Reel Impact’ will also see the U.S. television premieres of critically-acclaimed docs such as Scott Hamilton Kennedy’s The Garden, about the fight to save a South Central L.A. community garden; Chris Smith’s Collapse, about radical thinker Michael Ruppert’s predictions of energy, environmental and economic crises; Kill It, Skin It, Wear It from RDF Television, about the fur revival in fashion; Morgan Spurlock’s classic Supersize Me and oil doc Houston We Have A Problem, directed by Nicole Torre.

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