Pitch guide preview: Amy Introcaso-Davis, Oxygen Media

In this preview of realscreen's Global Pitch Guide, coming in late August, we talk to Oxygen Media's SVP of original programming and development to find out what the 'Live Out Loud' network is looking for.
August 5, 2010

In late August, realscreen will present its Global Pitch Guide, featuring valuable intelligence from commissioning editors and factual programmers from around the world. In this preview, Oxygen Media SVP of original programming and development Amy Introcaso-Davis gives some pointers on what the NBC Universal cable net is in the market for.

Looking for: Noisy and fun, character-driven programming works best for Oxygen. ‘Our tagline is ‘Live out loud’ so we’re looking for loud, boisterous characters,’ says Introcaso-Davis. Oxygen targets women in the 18-34 demo, ‘who are living life on their own terms, and are unapologetic about the way they approach everything.’ Call it ‘Generation O’ (indeed, Oxygen does). Introcaso-Davis cites Oxygen’s competition series Dance Your Ass Off and Tori & Dean’s Home Sweet Hollywood as good examples of the network’s tone. As for whether or not tape is a must, ‘Tape is great, especially if you’re pitching characters.’

What not to do: Don’t be unfamiliar with the brand. Introcaso-Davis advises that producers not only familiarize themselves with the network, but also with its audience and its relationship to the programming. She recommends spending ample time on the Oxygen website ( and checking out, the net’s ‘real-time water cooler’ that enables fans to interact with their favorite Oxygen shows and stars via chats.
Also, don’t cold call. Oxygen prefers pitches to come from agents and/or lawyers working with production clients. Lastly, and importantly, ‘Don’t try to make me buy it in the room,’ she cautions.

What’s working now: In addition to the aforementioned series, Introcaso-Davis also mentions Bad Girls Club and its spin-off Love Games as two programs scoring with Oxygen viewers. She has high hopes for Hair Battle Spectacular, a ‘fun, crazy show about fantasy hair’ that’s set to debut on August 10. Oxygen has gone from one to two nights of original programming and Introcaso-Davis says, ‘We’ll be increasing even further.’ When it happens, the increase will probably mean more series, as Oxygen ‘doesn’t really do’ one-offs. Series volumes range from six to 13 eps.

Where to find her: As for the markets, Introcaso-Davis frequents Realscreen Summit and NATPE, and is ‘on and off with the MIPs, depending.’

For more on what Oxygen and other channels are looking for in factual entertainment and documentary programming, keep an eye out for the realscreen Global Pitch Guide, coming later this summer.

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