MIPCOM Picks 2010: the list

Passport? Check. Credit card? Check. Here's one more essential item you'll need as you head off to MIPCOM: our annual list of what we think will be the 'must see' projects coming to Cannes this October.
September 30, 2010

It’s time to reveal the realscreen editorial staff’s choices of what will be the ‘must see’ projects coming to Cannes this October.

Every year, we issue a call for submissions and every year we’re flooded with a wide range of clips from around the world. And despite some issues with a temperamental upload server, this year was no exception. From natural history to, uh, naked folks, we really saw it all this time around. (However, the naked folks didn’t make the cut.) Each clip was judged in terms of watchability, originality and execution – we like to call the system our patented WOE Index (tongue firmly in cheek, of course).

As with previous years, our choice for Best in Show receives a pass to the 2011 Realscreen Summit. Without further ado, here be the Picks… To see clips, please go to our screening room.

BEST IN SHOW: Precious Life
Partners: Origami Entertainment, Bleiberg Entertainment; distributed through Cinephil (Israel), Bleiberg Entertainment
Length: 86 minutes
Premiered: Jerusalem Film Festival, 2010
Rights available: Worldwide excluding U.S.

EDITOR’S PICK: Wo Ai Ni (I love You) Mommy
Partners: Eye Wang Pictures, American Documentary/P.O.V. and the Diverse Voices Project presented in association with Center for Asian American Media (CAAM); distributed through PBS International
Aired: August 31, 2010 (P.O.V.)
Length: 53, 75-minute versions
Rights available: Worldwide excluding U.S

Hayley: the 96-Year-Old Schoolgirl
Partners: Rabbit Productions (UK), distributed by All3Media (London)
Length: 60 minutes
Aired: June 2010 (Five, UK)
Rights available: Home entertainment, interactive, licensing, mobile, non-theatrical

Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage
Partners: Banger Films, distributed by Tricon Films & Television (Toronto)
Length: 106 minutes
Premiered: Tribeca, 2010
Rights available: Worldwide TV broadcast rights, excluding N.A.

Penguin Island
Partners: A 360 Degree Films production for ABC, BBC and ARTE, made with the assistance of Screen Australia & Film Victoria; distributed by NGTI
Length: 6 X 26-minutes or 3 X 52-minutes
Aired: July 2010 (UK)
Rights available: World excluding Australia, UK and France

No Woman, No Cry
Partners: Turly Films; distributed through Cargo Film & Releasing
Length: 60 minutes
Premiered: Tribeca, 2010
Rights available: Worldwide

Orphans of Tibet
Partners: ZED / ARTE
Length: 45 minutes
Aired: May 2010 (ARTE)
Rights available: Worldwide

The Obama White House: Through the Lens
Partners: A National Geographic Television production for PBS, coproduced with ProSieben; distributed by NGTI
Length: 52 minutes
Airing: November 2010
Rights available: World, excluding U.S.

Carla’s Way
Production partners: Boréales, Magnéto Presse, MAS in partnership with France 3; distributed through Terranoa
Rights available: Worldwide
Length: 43, 52 and 80 minutes
Airing: September 2010

Secret Iraq
Partners: Quicksilver Media (Oxford) for BBC2; distributed through Electric Sky (Brighton)
Length: 2 x 60-minutes
Aired: September/October 2010
Rights available: Worldwide rights available excluding UK, Ireland and Iraq

Life 2.0
Partners: Andrew Lauren Films and PalmStar Entertainment, distributed through ro*co films international
Length: 57 and 99 minute versions
Airing: 2011 (OWN in the U.S.)
Rights available: All territories except U.S., Canada, Japan

Skin Deep
Partners: Electric Pictures, DocLab Srl, Screen Australia, ScreenWest, Lottery West, ARTE France; distributed through ABC Commercial
Length: 52 minutes
Aired: 2010
Rights available: Worldwide excluding France, German-speaking territories, Italy, Sweden

Aliens of the Deep Sea
Partners: MC4, France 3 , CBC, Canal D, TFO, Science Channel, RTBF, Fonds Canadien de Télévision, Sodec, GA&A; distributed through ZED
Length: 52 minutes
Aired: April, 2010 (France 3)
Rights available: Worldwide

Inside the Box
Partners: Cineflix Productions in association with W Network (Canada); distributed through Cineflix Intl
Length: 13 x 30-minutes
Aired: 2010
Rights available: Worldwide excluding UK, Ireland and Canada

Mother of Rock: Lillian Roxon
Partners: Lowlands Media; distributed through SBS Content Sales
Length: 52 and 74 minutes
Aired: Melbourne Intl. Film Festival, 2010
Rights available: All rights worldwide

Partners: Directed by Matthew Galkin, distributed through ro*co films international
Length: 90 minutes
Rights available: All territories except U.S.

Partners: Mona Lisa Productions, ARTE; distributed through Zodiak Entertainment
Wrapping: June 2011
Volume/length: 4 X 52-minutes
Rights available: World excluding France and Germany

Partners: Pixcom Productions (Montreal) and Taxi-Brousse (Paris) for History Television, Canada and ARTE, France
Airing: September 2010 (History Television, Canada)
Length: 5 x 45 -minutes
Rights available: Worldwide excluding Canada, France

The Last Survivor
Partners: Righteous Pictures, distributed through Cinephil (Israel)
Premiered: Oxford Film Festival, 2010
Volume/length: 56 minutes; 88 minutes
Rights available: All worldwide

Blind Man Walking
Partners: A True Films production for RTÉ; distributed through RTÉ Commercial Enterprises
Aired: Fall, 2010 (RTÉ One)
Length: 52 minutes
Rights available: All media, worldwide

The Man Who Lied The World Into War
Partners: TV2/Denmark, ZDF/ARTE, CBC, NRK, SVT, YLE, MBC, VPRO, VRT; distributed through DR International Sales, att.: Kim Christiansen
Airing: May 2011 (international premiere)
Length: Feature and one-hour versions
Rights available: All worldwide except above territories

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