‘Nova’ commissions Darlow Smithson for solar system doc

Darlow Smithson Productions has been commissioned to produce a two-hour special, A Journey Through The Solar System: Life Beyond Earth (w/t) for PBS' 'Nova.'
February 23, 2011

Darlow Smithson Productions and PBS science strand ‘Nova’ have officially announced work onĀ A Journey Through The Solar System: Life Beyond Earth (w/t).

Unveiled during the “Keeping it Cool: Science and Natural History” panel at the Realscreen Summit, the documentary will investigate the science behind a revolutionary view of the solar system. Interviews with scientists and astrobiologists and CGI sequences will help illustrate newly discovered distant worlds, revisit the violent birth of our solar system and demonstrate the latest thinking on its origins and structure.

Ben Bowie, senior executive producer, Darlow Smithson Productions said in a statement, “For this documentary we wanted to offer a window into this exploration, taking stock of what we know, what we think we know, and what we may soon find out.”

“There is a revolution taking place in planetary science,” said Howard Swartz, executive producer of ‘Nova.’ “The idea that the planets and moons in our solar system are cold and dead is giving way to the possibility that many places may actually be habitable for some forms of life.”

Swartz commissioned the film, which is directed and produced by Oliver Twinch and executive produced by Ben Bowie for Darlow Smithson.

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