Albert Maysles to receive lifetime achievement award from New York Festivals

The "dean of documentary filmmakers" will receive the honor during the New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards on April 12.
February 25, 2011

The New York Times called him the “dean of documentary filmmakers.” Jean-Luc Godard praised him as “the greatest American cameraman.” On April 12, yet another accolade will be bestowed upon legendary documentarian Albert Maysles, when he receives the inaugural lifetime achievement award from the New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards. The award will be presented during a ceremony that will take place at the NAB conference in Las Vegas.

“As a documentarian I happily place my fate and faith in reality. It is my caretaker, the provider of subjects, themes, experiences - all endowed with the power of truth and the romance of discovery,” said Maysles in a statement. “And the closer I adhere to reality the more honest and authentic my tales. After all, the knowledge of the real world is exactly what we need to better understand and therefore possibly to love one another. It is my way of helping to make the world a better place.”

“In choosing Albert Maysles as our first lifetime achievement award recipient, New York Festivals honors a man whose work has had a major impact in broadcast and film, not only for his achievements in direct cinema, but also for his influence on documentarians who have gone on to prominence in their own right,” added Rose Anderson, NYF Television & Film Awards executive director.

Maysles will be on hand for the ceremony and will take part in a screening of work and interview.

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