Wide-Eyed Entertainment’s dinosaur march sells to ITV1

Wide-Eyed Entertainment has sold CGI dino special March of the Dinosaurs to UK terrestrial broadcaster ITV1.
April 7, 2011

Wide-Eyed Entertainment has sold CGI dino special March of the Dinosaurs to UK terrestrial broadcaster ITV1.

The one-off 90-minute March of the Dinosaurs goes back 70 million years to feature the dinosaurs of the Arctic. The feature length film tells the story of a young dinosaur embarking on a 1,000-mile migration to escape a polar winter that brings freezing temperatures, starvation and four months of perpetual night.

The CGI doc uses the latest scientific discoveries, and the film was made with a panel of Canadian, American and British paleontologists onboard as advisors for the project.

Jasper James, CEO of Wide-Eyed Entertainment, said:, “March of the Dinosaurs is a big palaeontology story told as an epic family feature.  And if you think you’ve seen dinosaurs then stand by for super-sized feathered killers and colossal herds slogging through the ice and snow to escape perpetual night.”

March of the Dinosaurs is a Wide-Eyed Entertainment coproduction with Yap Dinosaur Productions for History Television Canada, National Geographic Channel, SuperRTL, France Television and FremantleMedia.

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